Recently I purchased a Televue 102 (4") APO refractor, with Starbeam finder.



I also have a Coronado PST (Personal Solar Telecope) to observe the sun in H-alpha light, and a Coronado Binomite, which are binoculars with built-in solar filters.

Both the PST and the Televue can be mounted on a Meade LXD-75 equatorial mount, with a Goto system.

Further specialised equipment are a Watec 902H video camera, a Garmin GPS 18 LVC and a Kiwi-OSD video time inserter. This equipment can be used to time occulations of stars by the moon with a accuracy of 0.02 seconds.

The Televue 102 on the equatorial mount. Below, a personal touch: the TeleVue-102 operating guide signed by TeleVue founder Al Nagler.

I have a number of eyepieces for the telescoop. Apart from the standard Plossl 20 mm, a Nagler 13 mm, a Plossl 8 mm, and recently (end 2007) the giant Panoptic 41 mm. I also have  TV-Barlow 2x.