Total Solar Eclipse on 2 July 2019

Prediction by Fred Espenak, NASA GSFC


On July 2nd 2019 there will be a Total Solar Eclipse (TSE). The path of totality is mainly over the Pacific Ocean. Only the small atoll Oeno Island lies in the zone of totality.

In the evening, shortly before sunset the shadow of the moon will reach the main land of South America in Chile and Argentina. Just south of Buenos Aires the sun will set while totally eclipsed.

The path can be downloaded in Google Earth format. Save the file using a *.kml extension.


The path of the total solar eclipse over the main land of South America. In Chili the sun will be 9 degree above the horizon, and totality will last just over two and a half minutes.

Source: Jay Anderson's website on future eclipses.

According to Jay Anderson's map, the best spot to observe this TSE seems to be in the western parts of Argentina, or high in th the mountains in Chile. However, this eclipse takes place during mid winter.