- Books

There a lots of great (and not so great) books about astronomy. Other sites will give you a good overview, or just try walking into a large book store.

However, .... I am more than happy to share with you some books I have read recently. Not all of these are astronomy books in a strict sense, but they have strong links to astronomy.

  • Longitude, by Dava Sobel. Read how the problem of longitude at sea was a major problem, leading to many ships being ship wrecked. A carpenter named John Harrison turned out to be an excellent clock maker, solving the on of the biggest scientific problem of his time, by making a clock that would run on time, even on rough seas.
  • The Planets, by Dava Sobel.
  • Big Bang, by Simon Singh
  • Mathemathical Astronomy Morsels III, by Jean Meeus. Want to know whether it is possible to have to total eclipses at the same place within the same year. And lots of other interesting statistics, such as can there be a Venus transit during a solar eclipse. This is the book!
  • Captain James Cook, by Richard Hough: One of the greatest explorers and navigators ever. Read how James Cook went on an expedition to observe the 1769 Venus transit of the Sun from Tahiti, and subsequently put New Zealand on the map, and discovered as first European the East coast of Australia (Botany Bay, the location of the current Sydney International Airport).

    Below are some of the notes Cook and astronomer Green made during the transit.